Why I am voting Republican

My friend Kathy just sent me this link.  I thought it was pretty funny!

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Has it really been 5 months???

Doug informed me that Spaces was disappearing, so I thought I would get on here to see what was up.  Now we are on WordPress. 

I haven’t been blogging at all lately.  I taught all through the summer and now am teaching six courses.  I also received the comments on my book back and should have everything ready by the end of October.  I also submitted another book proposal and it was accepted.  The contract will be sent soon.

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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Obama extends hospital visitation rights to same-sex partners of gays


Obama extends hospital visitation rights to same-sex partners of gays


This is amazing news!  I didn’t even see it coming.

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The Book

I haven’t been posting very much lately because I have been busy getting the last bit of my book finished.  I have 1.5 chapters to do.  I hope to have the next chapter finished within two weeks.  I am having fun writing it.  Right now I am only teaching one course, so I have plenty of time to work on it.  I start teaching an intensive summer course the middle of May for 5 weeks and then again the middle of July.  But the manuscript is due at the end of June.

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Violence and Health Care

I find it disgusting that there were people who lined the Capital on the day that Health Care passed and yelled the N word at some Congressmen, yelled the word Faggot at Barney Frank and spit on a congressman as well.  Christine, at TalkWisdom put up a post yesterday titled Rep. McCotter: Obama’s "Hope and Change" Has Degenerated into "Tax and Hate."  I left this comment:

Kevin said…

Hi Christine,
What kind of hate is this guy talking about? Surely he must mean all the racist and homophobic statements yelled at the Democrats after the health care bill was passed (not to mention the spitting)? Or is he referring to at least ten members of congress who have received death threats?
Maybe he is referring to the fact that the de facto head of the new Republican Party (Rush Limbaugh) has called for wiping these people out? Jeez, talk about hate…
Also, where in the bill is the statement about adding a certain amount to student loans? I haven’t heard about this.

March 24, 2010 5:14:00 PM PDT


She didn’t like it and dedicated a whole post to my comment.  She thinks that the people who yelled n**ger and faggot and spit on Democratic congressmen were Democratic plants!  Ugh.

Anyway, I just saw a video clip of some of the threats that Rep. Stupak from Michigan is receiving after he voted Yes for Health Care Reform.  I’ve inserted it below.  Listen to it and see if you can imagine that these callers are ‘Democratic plants”:

Here is more evidence—unless of course you think all this was done by sneaky Democrats to embarrass the Tea Party people. 

Here is another incident that took place at a home targeted members of the TEA Party (that stands for Taxed Enough Already). 

If you can get onto Facebook you can see this video of the crap that when on at the TEA PARTY group in Washington on Sunday.

You can also read more about the violence directed at Democrats here

Also see here

Who ever thought that providing people with health care would cause people such grief???


The good thing about all of this is that these Tea Partiers can no longer say that this will be the end of the Democrats.  The polls are showing people are happy with it and happy about the work that President Obama did.  On the other hand, people are unhappy with the Republicans.  Who knows—maybe November will see a super majority of Democrats when these whiny Republicans are kicked out of office! 


And why do they name themselves this?  They don’t know their history.  The Tea Party was done because the colonists wanted representation because they were being taxed.  The Tea Party does have representation—the problem is that they lost the election to President Obama.  And if they are taxed enough already, shouldn’t they blame the last president and his 8 years of constant war for any tax increases they might have had?  I also find it humorous that they hold up Ronald Reagan as their guide.  They don’t seem to know that he appointed the first Czars AND instituted the largest tax increase since WWII.  I suppose not knowing history is a good thing for them.

I also don’t understand why they didn’t form when Bush and Reagan were in control? 

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Another Gay-Hating Republican Getting Caught at a Gay Bar!

Jesus, will this never end?  There is news that California State Republican Senator Roy Ashburn was caught drunk driving.  However, that isn’t the interesting part of this.  He had an unnamed male in his car.  That isn’t all that interesting either.  The interesting part is that he had just left a gay nightclub.

He is also an ardent anti-gay state senator that has voted against ALL glbt legislation.  He has four kids and two grandkids.  It will be interesting to hear what this Republican hypocrite has to say about being in a car with a male that he probably picked up at the nightclub…

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