My own Bigfoot story

I see on the CNN website there is a story about the Malaysian government sponsoring a search for a couple of bigfoot-type creatures that were spotten near a national park.  It reminded me of the scariest night of my life (yes, this is a true story!).  In 1984 my good friend Brian and I went up to his parent’s property near Tawas, Michigan.  One late night we were playing cards in the camper that was permanently parked on their property.  I think it was about 2 am and all of a sudden we heard this horrible ape-like scream that seemed to be very close to the camper. I was taking a course in primate social behaviour at U.of M. so I know what primates sounded like.  I looked at Brian and he was ghostly white–as I am sure I was!  I looked over to me right and I remember looking at the flimsy door of the camper and hoping that the door was locked.  I have no idea if it was or not since I wasn’t going to touch it.  We decided to turn out the gas light since we figured whatever was outside could see us but we couldn’t see it.  We turned it off and I made a motion like I was looking, but I have to say I was too terrified to look–I really didn’t want to see what was out there.  Unfortunately I really had to go to the bathroom too and the outhouse was outside and too far away!   But we decided we weren’t going outside to look so we just went to the back of the camper.  I just could not go to sleep thinking that either a person was out there, or something much more horrible.  We didn’t hear anything after that.  In the morning we packed up our stuff and left and neither of us wanted to take a look around.   The property is out in the middle of nowhere, so it seemed very unlikely that someone would have gone to the trouble just to scare us. 
Anyway, on getting to Flint Brian told his parents about it.  It turns out that a couple of days before that Brian’s uncle, who owned land adjacent to theirs, was out planting trees so there was lots of upturned soil.  The next day his uncle went out to where he was planting and saw that something very large human-like feet had either run or walked through the dirt.  Apparently there was also a chicken coop that something had torn apart in a nearby property. 
Finally, about two weeks after that I turned on the news just in time to hear about a number of bigfoot sightings near Tawas and it was scaring some of the locals!  Ugh.  Anyway, it is funny to tell the story now and funny how terrified we were, but I wouldn’t want to re-live that experience again! 
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