I was just reading on Rob’s blog about James Dobson and the so-called "Focus on the Family" group.  It turns out that Dobson is supporting a Colorado measure that would allow everyone who can’t marry to be able to have "hospital visits, transfer property and make medical decisions for one another."  I suppose I should be happy with that, and in a way I am.  But there must be a reason he is supporting it and I am certain it has nothing to do with gay and lesbian families.  The key words here are those "who can’t marry" like brothers and sisters (well, maybe they can marry in some southern states…).
I am more furious that people seem to think they are bestowing on us something special–the right to visit a partner in the hospital!  I wrote about this when Doug was in the emergency room at Stanford.  If he were in some other state, it is possible that I would not have been able to see him.  What do they get from not allowing us to visit our family in the hospital, or to transfer our property to each other if something happens?  They get nothing but a sense of moral superiority that they are somehow better because they follow Jesus.  Ugh.   Why is this blocked in the first place????  And although it would be nice if this right were extended to us, I don’t feel like I have to be grateful to someone like Dobson when this "right" is give to us. 
I encourage everyone to go out and get a Power of Attorney over one another.  We have had this for ten years now, both here and in Australia.  There is nothing these "american taliban" can do to keep us separated, whether financially or medically.  It is pretty cheap, and the cost of getting a lawyer to draw things up is worth all the problems that could happen if we didn’t have this. 
Someone even slammed Rob in the comments about slandering what he "knew nothing about."  Boy, that really pisses me off.  All we have to know is that the so-called "Focus on the Family" hates gays and lesbians–this is not homophobia.  I think we should dump this word.  They do not fear us, the hate us.  It is homohatred.  And that is not slander. Period. 
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  1. Rob says:

    While Dobson pretends to be generous with this offer –  it doesn\’t give anyone any rights they don\’t already have.  Under the proposal it appears you\’d simply pay the state for the registration rather than pay an attorney for the equivalent rights under power of attorney. 

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