OneCare Live from Microsoft

I just spent a scary morning trying to get my computer to start up after installing a beta version of Microsoft’s OneCare Live program.  It is a firewall/virus protection program.  Doug installed it on his computer a week ago and had no problems with it.  I tried to install yesterday, but my computer would not start up normally and I had to set it to start up on that last usable startup registry.  Today I tried to uninstall it, and it wouldn’t let me do it, so I thought I would reinstall it.  Big mistake.  It is a good thing that Doug is home today and knows what he is doing.  I would hate to not have a computer.  I see that some people are having issues with it, which is not surprising considering it is a beta version.  It sounds like most people are not having any problems running it.  I’ll definitely get it–but once the bugs are all worked out of it. 
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