The Job Search

I have my big interview on Monday (a week from today).  It will be an all-day affair and during that time I will be giving a one hour lecture in a course and then I will have 90 minutes set aside to give a talk on my research.  The rest of the time will be spent meeting the dean, head of department and other members of the faculty.  They are taking me out to dinner after that.  It should go just fine and I really want that position.  The description of what I would be teaching fits me perfectly since I have taught everything they are looking for.
This doesn’t mean I’m not anxious about it though.  I’m starting to have dreams about it.  I guess I am more thinking about how disappointed I will be if I don’t get it.  It will also mean that I will have to start looking for a job outside of the state, which I really don’t want to do.  We’ve lived apart a couple of times when I went off to do my M.A. and then again when I went off to do the PhD.  It wasn’t a fun time…  I also just applied for a tenure-track position at a community college north of here.  I am excited about that since they emailed me about the job.  I would love to teach at a small place too.  It also makes me feel better about the upcoming interview that there might be another job out there for me!  In the meantime I am busy marking final exams and final essays as well as starting up another term of the Fall of Rome course I am running for Macquarie.  It is definitely keeping me busy.  I am looking forward to having the interview over just so I can stop thinking about it and get back to writing!
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6 Responses to The Job Search

  1. Rob says:

    Best wishes on the interview!

  2. Kevin says:

    Hey!  Thanks for that.  Now I am just wishing it were Tuesday so I could stop thinking about all of this!  Of course, then starts the wait to hear whether I got it or not…

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