I am going to have to start my own non-profit group…

I wish I had thought of this:  one of Tom DeLay’s top advisers collected a third of the donations to a group he called U.S. Family Network.  This came to over a million dollars that went to Buckham and his wife!  What a deal.  I really do wish I had thought of this!  The group was created to push for pro-family agendas at Congress, but it is crystal clear what family this was meant to benefit.  I hope that someone out there takes a look at all of these american-taliban fundamentalist groups to see where the money they are collecting from the public went to.  My guess is directly into the pockets of those who formed these groups.  The U.S. Family Network apparently funneled money to DeLay.  And a wife of one of DeLay’s other advisers got some money from them as well.  How come we don’t have ‘friends’ like this???
And just to top this off:  Buckham is an ‘evangelical’ minister and acted as a spiritual adviser to DeLay!  Apparently Buckham and DeLay would pray together often–probably praying that more money came their way and that they wouldn’t be caught.  I think this is a case where hanging ought to be brought back in as a punishment…
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