AIDS pill–the argument has started…

There is a guy named Stephen Bennett, who claims he used to be gay for 11 years, but is now married.  He and his wife are making a life for themselves (and lots of money) by touting his change.  He came out today against the AIDS pill/prevention I had talked about the other day.  He states that he had numerous friends die from AIDS–he never once states that he wished they were still alive or that they would be alive with the help on a vaccine/pill.  Nope, he just wants to make sure that anyone who has AIDS dies from it.  The article is very careful to mention his wife (who is also making a killing off her ex-gay (???) husband) and states "Stephen Bennett, now married for 13 years to his wife Irene and father of the couple’s two children."  What an odd way to say it:  "the father of the couple’s two children."  As if being able to produce a child with a woman makes him a straight man. 
He also states (and I don’t know if he is correct or not) "According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) over 53% of all HIV/AIDS cases in America to date are due to men having sex with men."  Forget for a second this figure for gay men:  shouldn’t this pro-life (no doubt) bible thumping fundamentalist be concerned about the other 47% of the straight people who are getting AIDS?  Nah, I guess they deserve what they get for having sex like they do.  And forget the fact that AIDS is primarily a straight disease world-wide.  If people would only abstain from sex before marriage then these things just wouldn’t happen…His final words:

"Stephen ended, "The medical community wants a ‘prevention pill?’ It’s already available – it’s called abstinence.""  Ah, wisdom from someone who spent at least 11 years having sex with men before getting married…

I should say that I have no problem with someone who believes he is no longer gay or who denies it.  Fine.  The problem I have is when these same people become hell-bent on making sure the rest of us are miserable and going out of their way to do it (and getting rich in the process)!  This, to me, is nothing but their guilt coming out for probably still being gay.  The only way they can get idiots to believe they are still not gay is to pretend to be macho and make a big scene about being married, having kids (see above), and then coming out and being a big star to all the american-like-taliban fundamentalists who just slop up this crud they produce. 
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