Comments to Exodus: Live Out Loud

For the second time in a week I have left comments on various blogs found at the Exodus:  Live Out Loud blog site that I list in my "Blogs from the DarkSide."  My first one I left last week.  You have to sign up for a special login name and then you can leave comments.  However, these comments are not posted automatically and go to the author of the blog and they decide whether or not to post them.  What censorship.  Of course, I can delete comments too, but they go up automatically and then I can take them down later.  I’ve never done this and it is unlikely that I would do so. 
Anyway, today there is a note up by a Nancy Brown on an article written by a woman named Anita Fish who is writing out SoulForce and their Freedom Ride.  It is clear that Fish does not understand the purpose of the Ride.  She states:
"The crux of Soulforce’s debate is that homosexuals cannot be changed. The truth is no one wants to change, but God is the only One who doesn’t need remodeling. He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. God has laid out His plans for our lives. In fact, a total transformation is what can be expected if you declare yourself a Christian."


The article can be found here.  Since it is unlike that Nancy Brown will allow my comments to be posted (although I am happy to be proved wrong), I will post them here:


"Anita Fish has got it wrong.  The whole point of SoulForce is to highlight the hatred and intolerance that these so-called Christian groups show to other people, not just to other Christians.  Fish never mentions that fact that the Ride is based on the freedom rides from the sixties when blacks faced the same type of discrimination and hatred from religious and non-religious groups."


I hope more people will start adding comments to their blog sites.  They seem to be happy posting comments they agree with their point of view, but not with others. 

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