Doug’s Third Surgery

We got up at 4:30 this morning to make sure Doug go to the hospital by 6 am.  The bus didn’t show up, so we decided to walk the 2 miles.  We got there by 6.  He was fine walking as long as there are no big hills.  The surgery went well.  They took a bit of his own hamstring and used it for the new anterior cruciate ligament.  The only surprise was that he had a bit of arthritis in his knee.
We got him home in a taxi and he had to do a butt-on-the-steps maneuver to get up our steep stairs.  Even if we had had two people (one on either side) it wouldn’t have worked since his right shoulder would not be able to handle him being picked up from the underarm.  Anyway, he is now inside and he won’t have to go out until Monday morning.  We’ll deal with going down the steps when the time comes.
Right now he is attached to a machine that pumps cold water around the knee continuously and he also has a pain-pump that drops pain-killer directly into the knee.  That medication, if we dole it out, should last until Monday when he goes in to have it removed.  Hopefully he will be able to get around a bit better.  They also did a nerve block on his whole leg, so right now he can’t put any pressure on his left leg at all since he can’t feel it.  That should wear off sometime tomorrow.  Hopefully he will be able to start physiotherapy at some point next week. 
One interesting thing–the doctor gave us a CD-Rom of the surgery!  I’m not sure if I want to watch it or not–and I know that Doug will not want to!  We thought it might come in handy the next time someone wants to show up thousands of wedding photos.  We will look at theirs if they will look at Doug’s surgery!  🙂
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1 Response to Doug’s Third Surgery

  1. Rob says:

    I know I wouldn\’t want to see the video until my knee was completely healed and feeling good – if then.

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