Tony Perkins, again

A couple of weeks ago, Tony Perkins, the president of the "Family" Research Council, told his followers that the Greek word gnosis means secret, when in fact it means knowledge (I can see how he wouldn’t know this and gives us a clue to his intelligence).  Anyway, he wrote another piece of crap the other day in his "newsletter."   A kid who wore a t-shirt to school that promoted hate on the Day of Truth was not able to appeal.  Perkins is all in an uproar and said that the judge called gays and lesbians a persecuted minority.  According the him, the judge pointed to Brokeback Mountain and The Matthew Shepherd Story.   If you don’t remember, Matthew Shepherd was crucified on a fence in Montana for being gay.  This, for Perkins, is "fiction."  What a good little Christian Perkins is.  I’m sure that God is smiling down on him as he wrote these words and has prepared a special place at His right hand for him when he goes off to heaven.  Yeah right.  More than likely, Hell will be the place he ends up, and rightly so. 
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