Immigration and hate messages

The S.F. Chronicle is reporting today that many people who are against any type of immigration policy other than a big fence are sending messages of hate to people who support good immigration policy.  Most of these are anonymous threats, and some aren’t.  A radio talk show host was fired when he suggested that people pick a night of the week and kill anyone they see crossing the border.
I have to say I don’t find this behaviour surprising at all.  Ever since the fundamentalists made a giant issue over gay marriage, gays and lesbians are now used to getting messages of hate from these ‘religious’ groups.  Someone really needs to look into why these people hate everyone.  There is something fundamentally wrong with groups that lash out continually against ‘others.’  There is a pattern here of the republican party–from defeating affirmative action, abortion, ‘family’ values and gay and lesbian rights, and now immigration.  The problem has everything to do with power.  Those who think they are in power feel that they are superior to everyone else, and it is doubly worse when religion gets thrown into the mix.  This is also the case with the ex-gay movement.  They feel superior because they think they have ‘escaped’ the dreaded gay lifestyle. 
So I am not surprised that many people involved with immigration are getting death threats.  It goes with the territory of living in a country where the taliban-like ‘religious’ groups are controlling the issues and when they believe that God is on their side. 
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