The Ten Commandments

"Agape" Press has an article about the number of courts in this country that are allowing the Ten Commandments to be shown in public in court houses and on government land.  I find this very interesting.  Most of the laws in western society do spring from the Old Testament commandments, but I could see showing them if all the citizens of this country were Jewish or Christian, and if we only had those 10 Commandments as all of the laws.  Why just show those ten and not the thousands of laws we have, or why not the 600 or so commandments found in the Old Testament? 
Besides, do politicians and these fundamentalist wackos keep to them all?  How about the commandment not to commit adultery?  What about the one on "you shall not steal."  This would be a good one for all those corrupt politicians (Tom DeLay for one…).  I am also not sure how to apply the commandment not to covet your neighbor’s male or female slave.  Anyway, if the punishments for not keeping the laws of the ten commandments are not part of our legal system, then I don’t think they should be put up in courtrooms.  This is just another example of these fundamentalists to make a showing of how important they are and how righteous they seem to be and how it will help their political career (especially like the dingbat in Alabama who is now running for governor). 
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2 Responses to The Ten Commandments

  1. Rob says:

    Killing and stealing are the only 2 commandments that are uniformly considered crimes.  Lying is only illegal under certain circumstances.  Adultery is only illegal in certain places.  Coveting is the foundation of our economic system.
    Every civilization has/had restrictions on killing and stealing, so it would be difficult to claim those were original Judeo/Christain ideas. (I\’ve often found it funny that a religion can have as one of it\’s main commandments "Thou shall not kill" at the same time it has so many things that one should be put to death for doing.)

  2. Unknown says:

    Four points:
    (1) The 10 commandments are categories under which each of the 613 commandments in the Pentatach can be categoriezed.
    (2) That doesn\’t mean they should be displayed in a secular court room.  Some are clearly religious (e.g. prohibition of idol worship).
    (3) RobGuy1 — lieing is not one of the 10 commandments. 
    (4) If you want to find examples of the 10 commandments not being followed by most people, why resort to theft and adultry.  Honor the Sabbath and keep it holy — how many people avoid lighting fires in their homes on the Sabbath?

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