The Da Vinci Code movie

I am so glad that Ron Howard hasn’t given in and put a disclaimer on the new Da Vinci Code movie.  He states:
"This is a work of fiction that presents a set of characters that are affected by these conspiracy theories and ideas," Howard told the Los Angeles Times on Sunday. "Those characters in this work of fiction act and react on that premise. It’s not theology. It’s not history. To start off with a disclaimer … spy thrillers don’t start off with disclaimers."
The Catholic Church and no doubt other churches have called for a boycott.  Give me a break.  Anyone whose faith is shaken by a novel never had a strong faith to begin with.  Some people just believe whatever they read.  Or some church leaders think their followers will believe whatever they read.  Now would be a good time for these churches to start teaching their followers about the history of early Christianity and teaching them about the gnostic groups and other Christian groups that influenced the course of the church.  Of course, this is just wishful thinking on my part.
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2 Responses to The Da Vinci Code movie

  1. Rob says:

    I think it\’s painfully obvious that most Christians can\’t tell the difference between fact and historical fiction.

  2. Kevin says:

    That is defintely true.  And some of them don\’t want to know since they don\’t think it is important. 

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