Gay Pride Festival and Moscow

Lots of people were arrested in Moscow after the director of the Pride Parade tried to ignore an order by the mayor of Moscow who said there will be no parade.  Around 200 were arrested, including 80 people who were trying to block it.  And I think it is fitting to lump together the two groups that were protesting–the Greek Orthodox Church and the skinheads.  It reminds me of the KKK protesting along with the fundamentalists here against gay marriage in Texas. 
The Patriarch and a leader of the Muslims had to say this:
"Russian Patriarch Alexy II has denounced the planned festival and parade, and the leader of Russia’s Muslims has called for a "violent mass protest" if gay leaders go ahead with Pride celebrations. "
So much for showing the love of Christ.  These people are not Christians nor Muslims–they are no better than those idiot skinheads and should be seen as such. 
Of course, this is the country that has slipped right back into its old communist ways with shutting down of newspapers.  I wonder how many of the gay and lesbian people who just wanted to celebrate will just disappear or be beaten to death and dumped in ditches? 
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