Dear Abby Again

I don’t know who Jeanne Phillips is who has replaced Dear Abby, but I look forward to reading her every day!  Today (June 28, S.F. Chronicle) is no exception and it just shows me why I love Dear Abby:
Today there was a letter from a guy who is getting married.  His brother is gay and the one getting married expected that his gay brother would be his best man.  However, gay brother said no and that he "refuses to be part of a ceremony celebration something in which he is discriminated against emotionally, financially and socially.  He refuses even to attend."  Apparently the wife-to-be wants gay brother to get over it and that "it’s just the way things are in the world."  Straight brother wants to know how to deal with this and he appreciates the fact that this bothers his brother.
In a beautiful answer, Abby says:
By respecting your brother’s decision, and reminding your bride-to-be that accepting the status quo is not always the best thing to do.  Women were once considered chattel, and slavery was regarded as sanctioned in the Bible.  However, Western society grew to recognize that neither was just.  Canada, Belgium, the Netherlands and Spain have recognized gay marriage, AND ONE DAY, PERHAPS, OUR COUNTRY WILL, TOO (the capitalization is mine).
You can imagine that wife-to-be may not like that answer, but Abby is right.  And I love her even more than I did before! 
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2 Responses to Dear Abby Again

  1. Rob says:

    Going back to a previous letter to Dear Abby, maybe if the bride circumsized him?  A reader seemed to think only people with foreskins could be gay…

  2. Kevin says:


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