Israel and the never ending cycle of violence

Boy, Israel and Palestine are at is once again.  This is no big surprise.  When one of Israel’s soldiers was kidnapped, I found it interesting that the Israeli government blamed the Palestinian government.  They never gave it a thought that that poor 19 year old is someone that they conscripted into the army–it is their fault that he was put into that position.  Oh sure, some Palestinians ambushed him, but why is it that no one wants to discuss what is happening with the Palestinians?  They seem to be a people that no one in the west can talk about.  All I see is misery on both sides over there, but one is a bully with an American-made army to back it up.  When the Palestinian people elected Hamas, Israel and some in the West cut the new government off without even thinking about WHY the Palestinians would abandoned what they had.  Desperate people do desperate things.  On both sides.   No one wants to discuss why the Palestinians feel the way they do–they are just labeled as terrorists because they want back what was stolen from them.   
Just imagine what it would be like if Israel said, yes, we stole your land–let’s sit down and work it out so we can all be happy and free and become part of a civilized society (not that American is very civilized, but we at least fight all of our wars far from home).  It is no wonder that people in general are war-like–it must be written in our genes.
There are parallels here we should think about with the Native Americans and how the Europeans stole their land.  They gave them the worst possible land, hunted the rest down and ‘tamed’ them because they had a bigger and better equipped army.  Now, hundreds of years later the Native Americans are still getting the short end of the stick, but luckily I can see a revenge of sorts with the gambling casinos.  Now the Native Americans are getting the european descendants hooked on gambling, which in effect sends billions of dollars to the Native Americans.  I think the Palestinians should start setting up casinos and well and start to drain some of that stolen wealth back to them and at least it would be done legally as it is done here. 
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