Presidential wannabee Romney and civil rights

Although his state allows gay marriage, Mitch Romney, the governor has bent over backwards to cater to all the fundamentalists about trying to get rid of gay marriage.  Why, who are all these gay people who want their rights and are spoiling his chances of getting into the White House???
Anyway, he stated that it should be up to the people to vote on whether a group gets civil rights or not!  God, if you thought Bush was bad, I think Romney is going to be worse.  He has no clue about history.  If the majority decides on civil rights, forget blacks having any rights at all–in fact, they would probably be back in chains if the majority had their say.  Unfortunately for someone like Romney, there might be a bleak future for him–the Latino/a population of this country just might be the new majority, and then what is he going to do?  He stated:

"We have a Constitution. We can look in there and say, ‘Does it say here you can vote on matters unless someone can define them as civil rights?’ No," said the Republican governor, a graduate of Harvard Law School who is mulling a presidential run in 2008. "It says you vote on all matters in this country and we’ll decide what is a civil right and what’s not. So, fundamentally, we come back to the principle that the people speak."



He tried to retract his statements, saying:

"I’m not saying that civil rights should be up to a popular vote," Romney said, although he added, "The Constitution does not prohibit the people from making any decision. The Constitution allows for the people to overrule the judiciary, the executive or the legislative" branches.

He doesn’t have a clue, and that is a bad sign since many in the current administration don’t have clues either, and look where they are…


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1 Response to Presidential wannabee Romney and civil rights

  1. Rob says:

    Romney would only be happy if the world was his flavor of Catholic.

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