Arkansas and gay foster care

Yesterday, in what was a total surprise to me, the Arkansas State Supreme Court said that gays and lesbians can certainly adopt and that there is no evidence to suggest that the children are damaged in any way.  One judge stated:

"There is no correlation between the health, welfare and safety of foster children and the blanket exclusion of any individual who is a homosexual or who resides in a household with a homosexual," Associate Justice Donald Corbin wrote in the opinion.


Rita Sklar of the ACLU stated:


"We have a shortage of foster homes in Arkansas, especially for teenagers and sibling groups. Thanks to today’s ruling, Arkansas’ foster children have a better chance of finding loving homes."


Finally, and surprisingly, a voice of reason from the South.  But it isn’t over yet.  The homohating governor, Mike Huckabee (maybe hick abee would be more appropriate) said today that he would introduce legislation to block gays and lesbians from being foster parents. 

Of course, Huckabee is not going to make legislation giving more money to take care of the kids who will not be taken care of when they strip gays and lesbians from adopting and being foster parents.  He could care less about the kids here.  He is only concerned in looking like he is concerned.  Bastard.  Why don’t these people put money where there mouth is?  Because they don’t really care.  It is nothing but a photo-op for these disgusting people. 

I think these people should be sued out of existence if they only care about discrimination based on their stupid religious beliefs.  It has been proven that kids grow up normally in gay and lesbian families, but that all doesn’t matter when religion gets involved. 


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2 Responses to Arkansas and gay foster care

  1. Rob says:

    If they have a ban on fostercare where a member of the household is gay, what do they do with gay kids that need fostercare?

  2. Kevin says:

    Easy answer–probably a one-way ticket to Exodus or to the office of Cohen to cure them…

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