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Jewish Homohatred in Jerusalem

For a group whose middle name is persecution, some Jews have no tolerance for other groups and in fact are calling for violence.  Early August in Pride Week in Israel and a youth group wants to visit the Knesset, but … Continue reading

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More good news from Australia

Despite the setback with the puppet Governor General in Australia denying civil partnerships in the Australian Capital Territory, a new survey taken in Australia shows that 45% approve the now defunct legislation while only 34% oppose it.  See also the … Continue reading

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San Francisco Pride Festival

We just got back from a day-long gay pride festival in San Francisco.  We got to Market Street around 10 am and right on time, the Dykes on Bikes came roaring by–there were hundreds of them.  Then came all of … Continue reading

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Storm pic from Sydney

Here is a pic of a pretty scary storm that blew into Sydney a couple of years ago.    And here is a pic of the aftermath: And another:

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Slimy Ralph Reed (ex-Christian Coalition leader)

So Ralph Reed, former director of the Christian Coalition, holier-than-thou, I am going to heaven, you are going to hell, has been found to have been taken over 5 million dollars from Jack Abramoff, money that has come from gambling.  … Continue reading

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More pictures of Australia

Since Lewis and Shane are coming in about a month, I thought I would put up a few more pictures of Australia.  These were taken when Doug’s parents and his brother, Paul, came.  We were in Northern Queensland (very tropical).  … Continue reading

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a visit from Australia

It feels like Christmas to me right now (even though it was another scorcher here in S.F. today!)–I just got an email from our good friends Lewis and Shane and they will be in S.F. July 28-30–and I can’t wait!  … Continue reading

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Pride weekend and the end of the week

Today I finished up my first week of teaching at the college and it went really well.  I had a change of plans yesterday for my last lecture on Gilgamesh, but all worked out in the end.  I usually don’t … Continue reading

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reaping what they sow

This is pretty terrible, but a first grader in Massachusetts was apparently beaten up by some other elementary school children, and the parents of the first grader say it is because they are against gays and lesbians.  It is hard … Continue reading

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First class finished

I went to bed at 10 last night, and set the alarm for 4:45.  Ugh.  I had a hard time sleeping–not that I was nervous about my first day of class (because I wasn’t), but because I was worried I … Continue reading

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