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Straight people are not safe either…

In North Carolina a straight sheriff deputy was living with her boyfriend and he boss, the Sheriff (Carson Smith) in Pender County, told her she had to marry her boyfriend, move out or quit her job because she was living … Continue reading

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Gay Games and Agape Press

I haven’t been to "Agape" Press recently because it is usually a load of you-know-what masquerading as something pious.  But I went in anyway, and sure enough found you-know-what.  They are reporting on an "ex-gay" named James Hartline.  He is … Continue reading

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baseball bats and Pride San Diego

This weekend was Pride in San Diego and just to round it all out in a good American sort of way, three people were bashed with a baseball bat when they left the festivities.  Of course their attackers fled, but … Continue reading

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Lewis and Shane

Our friends Lewis and Shane arrived on Friday from Sydney and left for L.A. Sunday night.  It was so nice to see them, especially since I thought it would be another year or two before we would be able to … Continue reading

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Will the real Mel Gibson please stand up…

Lots of people are blogging about this one, and so will I.  Mel Gibson, the super strict, Latin only in Mass, holier-than-thou actor extraordinaire, was arrested for drunk driving.  But that isn’t the worst of it.  His comments show how … Continue reading

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Another fundie with all the answers…

I was reading my usual blogs and got to Joe Brummer’s blog which I really like.  Someone left a comment and I left my own comments.  I’ll just paste the entire thing here and as you can see, it is … Continue reading

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History does repeat itself

Today I gave my last lecture, which wasn’t really a lecture since today was a wrap up of the past six weeks.  One part I talked about was the Song of Roland, which is about the Christians vs the Muslims.  … Continue reading

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