“George is not an overly introspective person”

"George is not an overly introspective person"
–Laura Bush
I read that yesterday in the paper, and read it to Doug–we both got a laugh about it because it didn’t take the president’s wife to tell us what we already knew (and what most of the country knows).  I’m certain his advisers are fuming today over her comment because of this.  And I’m betting she doesn’t have a problem with having a non-introspective husband.
Don’t you think it is dangerous to have the President of the U.S. not be very introspective?  I do.  Introspection means that you think about the possibilities for your decisions before you make them.  Bush doesn’t do that and his lack of introspection is the prime reason why this country is in such a mess.  He doesn’t seem very smart, but maybe that is because he doesn’t think about what he does.  Another good reason why he is lacking this is that why think when he believes that God is telling him what to do all the time.  We’ve seen that God told him that he was going to invade Iraq, so why think about a direct command from God?  We’ve also seen that he surrounds himself with people who do seem smart and they are really running the show. 
There is a good article on the WorldNews called The Politics of Introspection.  Maybe someone should send this to the White House…
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