Straight people are not safe either…

In North Carolina a straight sheriff deputy was living with her boyfriend and he boss, the Sheriff (Carson Smith) in Pender County, told her she had to marry her boyfriend, move out or quit her job because she was living in sin!!!  I kid you not.  All of you straight people who think you are safe from the rise of christian fundamentalism had better think again.  Of course she sued and so far is winning.  But "agape" press thinks this is ‘judicial activism’–a code word they use whenever something goes against their barbaric beliefs. 
Creech (who wrote this article for "agape") stated:

The Seventh Commandment, "Thou shalt not commit adultery," which
could also be correctly translated, "Thou shalt not commit sexual
immorality," is the Creator’s law — an eternal verity that guards the
great institution of marriage, the sanctity of the family, and the
preservation of society. God didn’t give this law simply because, as
someone said, "Everything that’s fun is either fattening or sinful."
God gave this law because it’s the only way that sex works properly.

I find it interesting that ‘reverend’ Creech does not put his foot down and demand the penalty of stoning to death for adultery.  He thinks that Thou shall not commit adultery is the word of god, then he should believe that the penalty is from god and he should stand up for what he thinks he believes in. 

So next time all of you straight people hear about these fundies trying to stop gays and lesbians from marrying and every time you vote to support this, remember that they ultimately will come after you too–just like they are doing already.

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