An anti-gay letter in the San Diego Times

Stacy Harp has a friend who wrote a letter to the San Diego Times.  I’m not going to describe it–I’ll let you read it:

Assailing behavior at gay pride festival

For days, we have been hearing from the Union-Tribune and other local news outlets about a purported “hate crime” committed by punks who assaulted homosexual men during the recent Gay Pride Festival. But there was another hate crime committed that weekend that was not reported: The hateful moral assault committed by the homosexual community against San Diegans of all ages through its degrading and indecent “pride” celebration.

That community demonstrated its hatred of innocent children by allowing them to view a parade where adults engaged in public nudity and simulated sex acts. It displayed its hatred of impressionable teens by exposing them to (hardcore) gay pornography, sadomasochistic practices and devices, and same-sex behavior in the festival area.

It showed its hatred of Christians by giving an award to the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, drag queens who dress up like nuns and mock the Catholic Church. It exhibited its hatred toward all San Diegans by turning Balboa Park into a filthy blot on “America’s Finest City.” The politicians, law enforcement officials, churches, schools and businesses who participated are equally guilty of morally attacking San Diego’s citizens.

While the physical assaults are deplorable and rightly to be condemned, it should not serve as a distraction from these hateful moral assaults. In the interest of journalistic fairness, the Union-Tribune and other local media should have exposed these degrading activities as much as they covered the physical assaults.

El Cajon


I thought I would write the paper with my own response:

Dear Editor,

With the response of Allyson Smith (Assailing behavior at gay pride festival, August 12, 2006), it comes as little surprise that there are hate crimes committed against gays and lesbians.  She misunderstands the word ‘hate,’ which is something she obviously feels towards the gay and lesbian community.  The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence are an amazing group of men who selflessly give of their time to do fundraising for all levels of the community.  They have nothing to do with hate, and it is the height of ignorance to suggest such. 


Dr. Kevin

Smith has quite a problem with her hate.  Well, if she is Stacy’s friend, that comes as no surprise either…

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