The parting of money and scam artists

I find it ironic that there is an article at ‘agape’ press today on "Ministry Teaches Families Biblical Models for Entrepreneurial Success" on the same day that the SF Chronicle published an article on the fact that many christians are being fooled into parting with their money–by christian con artists.  This particular ministry (from ‘agape’ press) is called Vision Forum Ministries which will have a number of 3-day "Entrepreneurial Boot camps" which:
uses biblical examples to show the value of entrepreneurial efforts for discipleship in the family setting. "It pictures the family as a place of different generations working together," he explains, and the program teaches that even in the process of working, entrepreneurship is "part of the discipleship model that God gives us."

That model, the ministry founder asserts, teaches that wealth accumulation can raise up God’s people and their families for kingdom purposes and keep them together. Whether the endeavor is in agriculture, direct sales, real estate, or anything in-between, the Boot Camps are designed to highlight the notion that 21st century technology makes it possible for the family to work together in any field.

So getting rich can keep people together? And what exactly is ‘kingdom purposes’?  What would Christ have to say about this?  You can bet he didn’t say go out and make money.  But I am sure the ministry won’t tell those people who will sign up for the seminar that…

And the organizers are going to make a bit of cash themselves.  Here are the fees they charged (the first one was Aug. 10-12):

Standard: $125
Student*: $85
Family Pass**: $450
Children: Free for children ages five and under

Cost includes admission to all messages. Meals and accommodations not included.

I’m wondering how many of the speakers will be pushing their own products off on these people? 

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