The Lovely ‘christian’ Debra JM Smith…

I was reading Joe Brummer’s blog and Debra JM Smith left him a comment.  She is furious that Joe turned in Guy Adams for his despicable comments and she then realizes who Joe is.  As you can see from her post, she is quite the wacko and sounds just as dangerous as her good friend Guy Adams.  And look at what kind of a ‘christian’ she thinks she is.  Whenever I think of her, a quote always pops up in my mind:
"Jesus, please save me from your followers."  Of course, as I have stated a thousand times, I am not referring to real Christians–I am referring to the fundamentalists, taliban-like people who want this country turned into a theocracy in order to wipe out all those who do not agree with them.  Fortunately, with as many of them as crazy as Smith, there will never be a time when one group will be in total control. They will kill each other in Jesus’ name before they can get to the rest of us…

Oh, Mr. Brummer,

You post here too?

And imagine that, once again you are “whining” as if someone is hurting you, your kind, rats in sewer holes, yada yada…

Considering that it is YOU who has waged an all-out-war against a good friend of mine, in seeking others to contact his boss with negative comments, I find you even more laughable and deplorable than I did before.

Now, please do NOT misunderstand me, Mr. Brummer. My friend is in no danger of losing his job. But, it is still wrong to do what you have done. No one should have to endure falsities told of them to their place of employment. Actually, no one should have to endure purposeful negativity said about them to their employer by an outside person at all. Seeking to engage people in that which would undoubtedly be seen as harassment and embarrassment of a person at his place of employment is beyond the line of acceptability. (I do believe there are laws against such.)

You whine and cry and claim that anyone who speaks against what you do, is somehow going to cause physical harm to one of your kind. Grow the heck up, you big whiney baby!

Get this loud and clear, Mr. Brummer. I hate what your kind does. I hate that your kind pushes perversion on children in schools and on the streets, on people in churches and at family gatherings, in stores and parks, etc. etc. etc. Oh, dear, I used the ‘hate’ word.

Do you have a problem with that, Mr. Brummer?

Someone call the ‘hate patrol!’ Better put it across all of the blogs and tell them to call my boss! I will let Mr. Smith know that you all will be seeking to trash me to him.

By all means, Mr. Brummer, add me to your list of hate for the right-wing Christian conservatives that you and your thugs wish to seek to put into the poor house with your economic-terrorist tactics.

See? Unlike you, people like my friend and me do not seek to cause you any true harm. (You may wish to read up on the law, as such pertains to slander, defamation of character, and libel.)

Make note, Mr. Brummer, not all people who practice the sin that your kind pushes on others fall into the category of “Your kind.” Stew on that one for a while. I bet you never figure it out!

And enjoy this bit of attention from me, Mr. Brummer. Because this is the LAST time this ‘true woman’ will ever address you again!

Debra J.M. Smith


And what on earth does she mean by calling herself a true woman in quotation marks?  Maybe someone mistook her for a drag queen (although with an attitude like that, no one could possibly do that).

And Joe should feel lucky that she will never address him again.  I bet though, in the near future, she will have to break that little promise!

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3 Responses to The Lovely ‘christian’ Debra JM Smith…

  1. BOBBY says:

    This has to do with the fact that She is on an ego kick too. She makes herself out to be this perfect christian and this perfect rite wing conservative too. And what she won\’t tell you in that she is making Jesus into this political figure that does respect some people more then others. Mainly Her! God is no respecter of persons and God love everyone. Mrs. Smith has a political agenda in mind and its half truths at best. Because She\’s judge mental and and one for hypocrisy herself. If you have followed her and gotten to know her She\’s a good person for what you wanna know. But when you figure her out and walk away telling the truth where your feelings go then you\’re the enemy with her. Every wrong for others is her rite! But She will always play the victum card when you do not want to agree with her or deal with her. This is not the type of Christian leader any one needs from a hater like her.

  2. Kevin says:

    Hi there. I totally agree. I have no clue if she is still writing or not…

  3. Truth Commission says:

    Being a Christian Conservative myself! I would have to agree too. And just for the record I’m a Christian first.

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