I haven’t been blogging on my own site the past couple of days because I have been spending way too much time responding over at Chester Street.  It gets old after a while just defending or pointing out various bits and pieces of the Bible that some people just choose to ignore when it doesn’t fit with their beliefs.  One woman, Dani, spends quite a bit of time name-calling (homos, lesbos) and seems to think she is somehow superior to everyone else.  I pointed out to her that what things would be like if Christ had called the prostitute a ‘whore’ and then made fun of her. Christ helped this woman and protected her from those who wanted to stone her.  Wouldn’t it be nice, I pointed out to Dani, if she could act like Christ and stop name calling.  She responded by saying that God called prostitutes ‘whores’–so she justifies her name-calling using God as an example!  I pointed out that her translation of the New Testament is quite crappy and that some translators use two different English words, whore and prostitute, for one Greek word.  Who knows why they do it, but this is not name-calling by God! 
And now there is a post up stating that being gay and lesbian is a mental disorder.  Why do I bother responding?  I guess because I find it so ridiculous.  I am also amazed that these people are protected under the law for their CHOICE to be Christian, while gays and lesbians, WHO ARE WHAT THEY ARE, are not and are told that being gay and lesbian is a mental disorder and is in fact, a choice! 
And I pointed out that no one seems to question why being gay and lesbian was made a mental disorder in the first place! 
I am also amazed that people spend so much of their time trying to defeat a group of harmless people from living their lives as the founding fathers wanted for everyone in this country (well, except if you were black and if you were a woman…).  What happened to ‘life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness’?  It didn’t say you must be a Christian of a certain persuasion to live your life like this.
Oh well, it gives me something to think about while I am not going through my dissertation.  It is also good for my Greek and for my New Testament skills!
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One Response to Monday

  1. Rob says:

    It\’s people like that that make me have to work not to lump all Christians in with a bunch of whacked out nutjobs and try to maintain respect for people\’s beliefs.

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