Tomatoes at the end of August

I just went out to once again water the tomatoes (they need to be watered every day, which I have to say I don’t mind doing).  I just pulled a big bowl of cherry tomatoes of the plants the other day, and just took a bigger bunch out today.  I guess all those green ones are ripening very quickly.

I think there is also something that have started to eat the plants.  I just saw some fairly large droppings (a caterpillar?) and the plants are looking a bit yellow in the center.   It also hasn’t been very warm here lately (which I think is typical of August in San Francisco!), so I suppose that doesn’t help.

 I sprayed the plants when they were very small because something was eating them and that was before they even had blossoms.  I’m a bit hesitant to spray them now.  But even though the cherry tomatoes are just about finished, the regular tomatoes are starting to slowly turn orange.  I would hate to have them eaten up before we can eat them, but then again, I would ate to eat pesticide as well.

In Sydney I tried growing tomatoes in pots and just as they formed nice looking green tomatoes, the plants started to die.  I pulled off all the green tomatoes and they mostly ripened and those that didn’t, I made fried green tomatoes.  I might have to do that if they start going down hill quickly.

The rest of the plants are doing well.  The cosmos are just about finished and I think I will try and save the seed from one plant that grew about a foot taller and wider than the rest.  I haven’t done that before, but I’ll wait a bit and then just pluck the seed-heads off and put them in a baggie until the spring.  I wonder if I should keep them in the refrigerator or the freezer?  I guess I can always look up that answer…

The mint, which I thought was dead, has sent out a branch that is now tunneling into the dirt.  I know these things are invasive, but I think we can eat enough of it to keep it under control!

Our friend Harvey also has a thornless blackberry plant waiting for me to plant.  We were just over at his place and ate a bunch right off the vine–they were so sweet.  I guess when we move I can just dig it up…

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