How to Trace a host company

After seeing that message by Jim Rudd, I asked Doug how to figure out who hosts a website.  It is pretty easy.
First go to: and enter the name of the company in the top, far right corner (Hostname Tests).  Once you do this, it will give you the IP address that the company is using.  I typed in and it gave me the IP address of:
In the window that opened up (which showed the IP address), click the IP address and it will take you to WHOIS.  This told me that the company name was 4RWEB, so I just went to and found where I could leave an email.  In the WHOIS window, sometimes you can also see the abuse email address (if not, just click at the top where is says ‘hiding the email addresses’ and it will reveal them.)  Easy Peasy. 
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