Debra JM Smith is no Alexis Carrington…

***Update below***
O.K., after blogging earlier about trying to think of these people like Debra JM Smith and how I was going to try and think nice thoughts about these evil people, I’ve decided Smith has gone too far for me to feel sorry for her at all.   She is one sick person and it is clear that she has gone off the deep end.  And I can’t believe I was trying to think about her in the same way as I do for Alexis!  Ugh.  🙂
I’ve decided to immortalize her words here and spread them around a bit since she is so concerned with her apparent loss of free speech.  I imagine they might disappear at some point.  Here is her comment today (left at Mark’s Chester Street blog):

I have been asked to explain this statement of mine: "The sexually perverted sinful people, who push their sin all over this planet, do all they can do to push their filth on anyone and EVERYONE and they affect us all."

Every time I see true homosexuality, it sickens me. Seeing this perversion on TV, at the mall, a college, etc., it is dirty and awful. I am just as sickened by seeing two women or two men kiss, as I would be to see a flasher on a street corner. It is evil and stomach turning. Just because a small percentage of people in this nation have chosen to say that some perversion is ‘ok,’ does not make it so. If in 20 years sex with animals is seen as ‘ok,’ by some part of society, are normal people suddenly not going to be sickened by it?

Our nations blood supply is always at risk now, and homosexuals are actually fighting to be able to give blood–WHAT’S THAT? I get concerned every time I am at a doctors, getting blood tests, etc., because of people with AIDs. AIDs affects everyone when it comes to health care prices too. People with AIDs need to be quarantined. But no, the government instead is protecting them from people finding out who has it. (The majority of people with AIDs, contracted it from sexual sin.)

Homosexual activists want to take away the validity of marriage. They want to take my freedom of speech away. They want to force the teaching of perversion on children. It is just a matter of time before parents end up in court for telling their children that perversion is wrong, if something is not done. They want to discriminate against descent people, for not accepting the perverted. People are facing losing jobs for speaking against perversion. While special rights are being sought for the perverted, the seeking to take rights away from the descent people is underway.

The perverted seek to infiltrate every place where descent people go. Look at the Boy Scouts issue and churches. Gosh, we cannot even have Christian chats or post boards or blogs without them pushing their filth in those places. They cannot stand it that people like me hate what they do. I positively hate it. I believe that they should all be put on an island, away from the rest of society. They are corrupting our nation, hurting our nation, and killing people by giving them AIDs. They stand for evil. I know there are some that are worse than others, but no matter what, they are all wicked.

And mark my words, SOMEONE will say that this is "hate speech," which will only further prove my point that they seek to take our freedom of speech away. Every type of people have people who hate what they do and who speak against them, and every type of people have some of their type killed.


Debra, I don’t think you quite understood what I said above.  Let me explain it a bit clearer.
You state:
"Every time I see true homosexuality, it sickens me. Seeing this perversion on TV, at the mall, a college…"
If you see it on tv, turn the channel.  If you see it at the mall or college, gag, puke and then look away. That sounds pretty simple to me (but please barf where I don’t have to walk in it).

You state:
"Our nations blood supply is always at risk now, and homosexuals are actually fighting to be able to give blood."
If you need blood, get a relative or someone you trust to donate beforehand.  You are not forced to accept blood from a hospital without your permission or a relative’s. 
You state:
"People with AIDs need to be quarantined."  Well then, make it your own personal duty to make sure that happens.  No one is stopping you from doing this or introducing legislation to make it happen.  So why not contact your legislator today and see what happens?

You state:
"They want to take my freedom of speech away."  Well so far you have done a pretty good job at making speeches and so far no one has stopped you.  I think your words should be broadcast all over so that people can decide for themselves if your right to free speech is being taken away.
You state: "While special rights are being sought for the perverted, the seeking to take rights away from the descent people is underway."  You mean ‘decent.’  Ah, that old catch word ‘special rights.’  Fight for your own ‘special rights’–your choice of a religion is protected.  Remember that it is a choice. No one is stopping you from fighting to keep that.  And what rights of yours are being taken away?  Name one or two for me so I can get a clear example.
You state:
"The perverted seek to infiltrate every place where descent people go."  You mean ‘decent.’  No, we have been in the boy scouts and the churches since they began.  So you can’t really infiltrate where you already are.  And if you don’t like it, then contact your legislator and tell him or her you want the law to drive out the homosexuals from churches, from the boy scouts and from society in general.  Use your free speech and see what happens.
You state:  "I believe that they should all be put on an island, away from the rest of society."  Before I thought it was Sibera.  As I said before, talk to your legislator and make your views known. Write letters to newspapers or invite the press to visit you so you can make your views know world wide.

You state "…and killing people by giving them AIDs."  I don’t know who has educated you on AIDS, but no one ‘gives’ it to anyone else. 
You state: "And mark my words, SOMEONE will say that this is "hate speech," which will only further prove my point that they seek to take our freedom of speech away."
I think that someone is you.  Aren’t these your own words:  "They cannot stand it that people like me hate what they do. I positively hate it."
Or is hate in your first use different from the hate in the second use? 
As I said earlier, nothing is pushed on you that you don’t want.  You involve yourself so much in the ‘getting rid of homosexuals’ that you have worked yourself up into a frenzy.  That is your choice.
Now if you think that woman is sane, then I have a bridge I can sell you.  I think it might be better if I just not respond to her anymore.  She seems positively psychotic in her desire to wipe out gays and lesbians.
***Update.  Debra left an answer for me:  she called me an idiot!  🙂  I wonder if she puked and gagged as she said it…  I hope so…
An idiot?  I don’t recall calling for the quarantine of people with AIDS or shipping all gays and lesbians to an island to purify this country…
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13 Responses to Debra JM Smith is no Alexis Carrington…

  1. Nelson G. says:

    I had that conclusion about her – that\’s she\’s a couple of ingredients short of a Blimpie Best sandwich – about a month ago, just after she decided to interject herself into the Guy Adams debacle.

  2. Unknown says:

    Hey Kevin. My email, as you can see, is   …..i couldn\’t find yours anywhere, so i just gave you mine. I hope to hear from you soon (^_^)

  3. Unknown says:

    Oh, and in case you didn\’t know my real name (Chase) my username is Josiah. Just sayin\’, so you\’ll recognize me. >.>

  4. Joe says:

    Debra has been telling people that the wicked (gays) should all be sent to an island somewhere.  My reply on Mark\’s Chester street blog to her was this…..
    Funny Debra, Christ hung out with all the people that everyone thought were wicked. The lesson to learn from that is that no one should be ostracized. Nothing in my eyes could be more of a show of passive violence than that.You want to stick all those who don\’t live as you want them on an Island, ignoring completely these are not wicked people, some just believe differently than you. SOme of those you call wicked "believe" they are saved and born again. Just cause you don\’t believe they are saved doesn\’t make them wicked. We are all god\’s children, god made nothing wicked.Please explain to me how seninf them away is Christian? I would be interested in hearing your response.One of the strongest messages of Christ, and from his words were to love your enemy. Sticking them on an Island where you can just forget they exist isn\’t love, it is violence.Love is reaching out, not sending away. Nothing hurts people more than just being sent away like they dont matter. In God\’s eyes we all matter, we don\’t send people away to an island just because you think they don\’t matter.Do they get to come from the island if they agree with you or do they have to stay on the island just because you think they are wicked. Is there a court they determines who is wicked and who is not?I respect those are your beliefs, but I cannot say I agree they are even remotely Christian. He may have said sin no more, he didn\’t say go away, he said "come to me", not "get lost"What about your fellow humans in other parts of the world? DO they need to go to the "island" when they don\’t believe the bible they way you do?You what Debra, even thouh I don\’t agree with your views, I would have you to my table for dinner anyday. I would invite you in my house. I would never turn away a person just because we disagree because I believe that is not how God wants me to live. He asked me to love and I will.Mark, what are your thoughts about this as I am curious if you agree with our friend Debra.
    9/05/2006 6:59 PM

  5. Kevin says:

    Hey Joe!  My guess, if her response to me was an indication of what she thought (she called me an idiot) would be that you are one of the \’broken\’ and therefore deserve what you get.  And Mark essentially agreed to her viewpoint, since I also asked him to tell me what he thought of Debra\’s statement.  That is one of the main reasons I am going to take a break from those people.  Mark seemed reasonable, but if he agrees with Debra, then I don\’t feel too much like wasting my time there (at least for a while).  I guess I am stubborn like that.  When I saw the face of Randy Thomas on a poster telling everyone that gays and lesbians should not be included on the hate crime legislation, I stopped going to his blog as well.  I might go back at some point, but right now I am having trouble stomaching their views.  I don\’t want to say something I will later regret (and feed that evil wolf…).

  6. Lynn says:

    This lady is truly a fruitcake, if ony you knew.  Among other things she is a man-chaser who uses her facade to call married men and likes to talk about sex, and tried to break up marriages if the man \’betrayed\’ her by putting his wife first and tried to stop innapropriate things like this.  (true!)  If you guys only knew what a true nut-case she is.   She used to live in AOL chat rooms (12+ hours a day) while claiming she was a christian home\’school mom, and constantly belittled and threatened people (espeically women – she has severe jealousy issues) with everything from ruining their home life to using the mafia (that she claims she has family memebers involved with)…. yet if anyone tried to stand up to her in any way she claimed she was being threatened and harassed and twisted it all around.   Her police department was contacted (long story) but they said she was a nut who called the police constantly, the last call being about a \’stalker\’ who turned out to be simply the paperboy\’s car parked briefly near her house.   Seriously, don\’t give this woman time of day.   Shes doesn\’t deserve the energy…. everyone eventually sees, or will see, her true colors.    

  7. Kevin says:

    Hey there!
    Thanks for the news on Debra JM Smith.  She is quite the dangerous character–and I thought this even before you told me this.

  8. Scott says:

    That bitch is several sandwiches short of a picnic. No attention should be paid to her insane rantings.

  9. Kevin says:

    Hey Scott. I totally agree. It has been a while since I have looked up anything on that woman…

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