Yosemite Day 2–Afternoon

After our big trek up to the Upper Yosemite Falls, we decided to go to the Happy Isles and walk along the Merced River, which cuts through Yosemite Valley.  It was a very easy walk to do.  As you can see, the river was very low.  I stuck my feet in (it was freezing) and Seamus walked out into it.

The peak is called Grizzly Peak.  Seamus climbed out into the middle of the river and took some shots of the Peak and came back and told me that he could see a face on the side of the mountain.  With all the hoopla over the face of Jesus and Mary being seen in everything from pancakes to mud puddles, we decided that this was Jesus as well.  The face is in the upper left part of the picture. 

Here the face is almost in the center. 

We decided we would split the profits when we sell the pictures!  🙂

After that we drove to the visitor’s center in Yosemite Village and on our walk two women asked us for directions to the visitor center.  It turns out that they were Australian, and a couple, so we talked with them for quite a bit.  They are in the U.S. for 3 months and are driving around in a car.  They modified the back so there is a bed and they have been sleeping in that.  We met them for dinner at the pizza place and when we walked up to the picnic tables, the two guys we talked to on the trail were there, so all six of us had pizza and chatted.  I think we were the only six gay people in the park!  Jude and Joe will be in S.F. next week sometime and I gave them my email so we’ll go out to dinner at some point. 

On Thursday morning we checked out and drove the Mariposa Sequoia Grove at the south entrance of the park.

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