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A self righteous anti-gay broke one of the ten commandments–From

So another self-righteous preacher who worked very hard to prevent same-sex marriage in Kansas is caught stealing money from the church to fund his radio program.  He resigned from his church–I hope someone throws his ass in jail.  This is just another example of the ‘chosen’ … Continue reading

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Some loser is stealing my plants!

I have been watering the newly sprouted bok choy for the past couple of days and yesterday I thought a plant was missing from around a pot.  There were three, and yesterday there were only two.  I have to say … Continue reading

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More of San Francisco

Yesterday Seamus and I headed out to Berkeley and we met up with Doug’s cousin Shawna and her friend A-Jay.  We had pizza at a place called the Cheese Board and it was fantastic.  There weren’t any seats left, so … Continue reading

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A busy Tuesday

Since Seamus has been here it has been a very fun and busy time!  Yesterday the two of us had lunch in Chinatown and wandered around a bit.  I picked up some shirts at Old Navy, some fruit and debated … Continue reading

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Grapes from Napa

On our recent trip to Napa we took some pictures of the grapes at Opus Winery.  This is the place where the wine starts around $175 a bottle.  So these are some very expensive little grapes:         … Continue reading

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Our trip to Napa #2

I can’t believe that I still cannot get Live Writer to work.  I just spent 1/2 hour installing it on my other laptop and still no deal. So I’ll just put the pictures up the usual way.  Live Writer looks … Continue reading

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More hypocrisy from the ‘family’ ‘values’ camp is reporting today that the party leader of the rightwing Don Brash, who built his party on being strong on family values, is having an affair with a rich married woman.  He is also married.  So much for ‘family’ … Continue reading

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Our trip to Napa Valley

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The Coast

On our way back to San Francisco from La Honda we stopped at a lookout along the Pacific coast.  It was a beautiful day.  Here are some shots:            

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Gay Rodeo #1

Today we rented a car and we were thinking about going up to the wine country with Seamus, but we heard an ad for the Gay Rodeo and decided we would spend the day there.  It was a lot of … Continue reading

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