National Coming Out Day

On Oct. 11, 1988, the first National Coming Out Day was celebrated.  This was the one year anniversary to the March on Washington that took place on Oct. 11, 1987.  As the LAMBDA site says:


"The purpose of National Coming Out Day is to promote honesty and openness about being lesbian, gay or bisexual.  LAMBDA celebrates this day with activities and resources designed to support coming out.  LAMBDA also conducts ongoing projects to help enable our queer brothers and sisters to take their next steps out of the closet."

Coming Out is one of those life-changing experiences–at least it was for me.  I’ve never felt the experience of being baptized, but I imagine it must feel the same.  You come up and out feeling totally different.  When you finally acknowledge to yourself and to others who you really are, a massive weight comes off your chest.  You don’t need to hide anymore.  Sure, there are dangers, but the payoff is worth it. 


The Human Rights Campaign is having a neat project for Coming Out Day.  It’s called HRCSnapshot.  They are asking people to print out a sign and then take your picture in front of it. Send it in and they will publish it on their website.  I’ve got mine printed out and when Doug gets home we’ll take our picture and send it in.


For an excellent article on what this day means, see Pam’s House Blend.

She lists some questions for both gay and straight people to ask:

Questions of the day — for the gay folks out there:

Are you out to…
— your friends?
— your immediate family?
— your extended family?
— any/some/most of your colleagues at work?
— your boss?
— your doctors?
— your neighbors?

Like Pam, I can say yes to all of these.  But it does take some work and sometimes you have to time things just right, but it is worth it. 

Questions of the day — for straight readers:
— are you "out" as an ally?
— are you able to talk about gay friends or relatives with others?
— are you comfortable shooting down homophobes when they spout off during a conversation?

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