On a more sobering note: Matthew Shepard

Today marks the 8th anniversary of the death of Matthew Shepard.  He was only 21.  Matthew met two guys at a bar.  The two men later beat him, tied him to a fence with his own shoelaces and left him to die.  He hung there for 18 hours before someone found him.  They thought he was a scarecrow.  The two animals that killed him tried the ‘gay panic defense’ even though they were in a gay bar.  They are in prison with two life sentences each.  The ‘Christian’ Fred Phelps picketed the trial and the funeral.  To counteract these devils, a group of people surrounded them while wearing white robes and wings. 

This was not considered a hate crime because there were no such laws in existence to protect gays and lesbians.  And there still isn’t at the federal level because of people like Randy Thomas at Exodus and Tony Perkins and all these other so-called Christians. 

Here are his killers:

Matthew’s father, at the trial said to McKinney (one of the killers):

“Mr. McKinney, I give you life in the memory of one who no longer lives. May you have a long life, and may you thank Matthew every day for it.” 

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