Random Pictures

On Sunday we went for a walk, and randomly came across the Lower Haight Street Fair.  Haight and Ashbury are two famous streets and they are known as the place where the hippy culture really began.  The Fair was o.k.  We were there early, so not too many people out.  There were some street dancers and a live band. 

On Haight are some really nice houses.  And I have to say I love the houses around here.  Here is a good example of one (and many houses around here look just like these):

When we got home we found Zak in his favorite sleeping spot (although usually he sleeps under the blanket–I guess it was too warm for him):

And just to the left of Zak is one of the large windows.  For the past three weeks there has been a spider that made a web as large as the window.  I don’t really like spiders, but I don’t mind them as long as they stay outside!  Anyway, it has been getting bigger and bigger, although lately the web is looking a bit ragged and we both thought it was dead since it stayed in its sleeping leaf for two days without moving.  But tonight it was there again.  The pictures are fairly dark however:

I should look up to see what kind it is. 

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