‘Stay the course’ means ‘constantly adjusting the tactics’

There is a term out there that some bloggers use to describe people who blindly follow whatever King George has to say and whatever these faux-Christians have to say–sheeple.  Today’s S.F. Chronicle had an article today on what King George says ‘Stay the Course’ really means and what he apparently meant all along–it means a shift in ‘tactics and methods in response to an adjusting enemy.’  Yeah right.  

My god, does he really think that people with brains will believe that crap?  Well, sheeple might, but not people.  This reminds me so much of the old Soviet Union or the Old and New China.  The leaders say one thing for years, then change and pretend that they never said the old thing.  ‘How foolish you people are’ they say when they are reminded what they previously said.  As if it were our faulty memory.

Here are some things that Bush has said in the near past:


"We will stay the course. We will help this young Iraqi democracy succeed," he said in Salt Lake City in August.

"We will win in Iraq so long as we stay the course," he said in Milwaukee in July.

"I saw people wondering whether the United States would have the nerve to stay the course and help them succeed," he said after returning from Baghdad in June.

But what does ‘stay the course’ really mean?  According to Snow (and this is truly a snow-job) it doesn’t mean stay-the-course.’  Of course it doesn’t!  Where on earth would we get that idea from?

And while we are talking about King George, I hope people read about his new cut-and-run policy.  He is saying that if the new Iraqi government can’t handle the sectarian violence, the U.S. will have to rethink its Iraq policy (as if it had one in the first place).  So let me get this straight–we set up an Iraqi government that is under our control, we can’t handle the growing civil war there, and then we blame a government that we set up?  He is obviously looking for a way out–and why not blame the weak, new ‘democratic’ Iraqi government.  This reminds me so much of the way Israel treated Yassar Arafat–bomb his compound, take out the remaining infrastructure in Palestine, take away any control he had, and then blame him for not keeping things under control.  Hello–are we all sheeple? 

The Chronicle had yet another good cartoon in its Opinion Section, drawn by Tom Meyer:

Link to President clarifies ‘stay the course’ / It really means ‘constantly adjusting the tactics,’ he declares

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