The Peace Sign=the Sign of the Devil

Oh boy, these fundamentalist Christians really need to take a break from the evil, wicked world.  The S.F. Chronicle is reporting today that at a town near Denver a couple put up a wreath in the shape of a peace symbol.  Their home owner’s association (I have always hated these–usually just a bunch of people who have nothing better to do with their lives than make other people miserable!) tried to fine them $25/day until they took it down!  For God’s sakes, this is a peace sign–what better way to celebrate Christmas than with that?  Anyway, the HOA did not think so.  That is, until yesterday.  The fines have been dropped and the three people who were on the board are no longer on the board.
The HOA originally called it ‘divisive’ and one thought it was the sign of the devil!  OMG.  However, now the town is strewn with peace symbols and 20 people marched through the streets yesterday holding the sign of the devil, um, the peace symbol in protest.  Get a life you people!
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