The Angry Activists

Yippee!  I have a website devoted purely to myself and others, written by a nameless person called the Angry Activist.  He/She is upset that I have questioned how Americans for Truth About Homosexuality is listed as a gay rights organization. 

Notice too that this Angry Activist can’t answer my question, nor does he/she care about it.  This is typical of these cowards–and this is much like what Americans for Truth About Homosexuality have been doing lately–they have been attacking the person instead of that person’s message.  Here is what the nameless person/coward has to say:


Angry Activist Dr. Kevin Kaatz Violates Guidestar Terms of Use

When people are angry, as is the one "Dr. Kevin Kaatz", they make mistakes that violate terms of use. In this case the outrage of "Dr. Kevin Kaatz" has allowed him to blindly defy the terms of use clause when using Guidestar for information.
When signing in for an account with Guidestar you are saying you agree that you will not "reprint anything on the Guidestar website" – Mr. "Dr. Kevin Kaatz" clearly violates the terms of use for Guidestar by not only printing their logo but also the full address that is provided for American for Truth.
If you agree that terms of use should not be violated, please join me in letting Guidestar know that "Dr. Kevin Kaatz" should have his account removed and access revoked from Guidestar.

I have to say I am pretty happy being called ‘an angry activist.’  He links me right up there with Joe Brummer, Wayne Besen, Pam Spaulding and John Aravosis.  I am proud to be included in a group like that! 


I left this nameless coward this message:


Hey Angry Activist–so instead of talking about violating the terms of use (which, by the way I have given the website to GuideStar so anyone can read what I did), why don’t you discuss how Americans For Truth About Homosexuality found themselves a gay activist group, when they are clearly the opposite. And besides, there is nothing angry about my post–I don’t like the fact that AFTAH (which is really Americans for Lies about Homosexuality) is listed along with organizations that care about people. So much for your little diatribe…

And the nameless coward seems to think I didn’t read the terms of agreement.  I did.  And I also gave the website to Guidestar so that everyone could read what I did. 

Poor person–maybe they should do something more productive with their lives that this. 

And just to make him/her happy, I have taken out the information that I had in my email I sent to Guidestar (which by the way, I will point out again is free to whoever wants to see it, and I did email this to GuideStar!).

And to make this person even more happy (not!), here is a comment from someone who works for a charity.  As it turns out, the charity assigns itself its own codes!  This is from James N (comments here):

I’m involved with a charity, and have compiled our Guide Star entry. This is something that is controlled by the organization. When our organization got our 501(c)(3) status, the IRS did not classify our organization as anything but the type of charity we were. We then completed the Guide Star GIF (GuideStar Information Form), and chose the NEEE classifications. In fact I just updated our GIF this morning for the new year, and there was the NEEE code clearly editable within my form. Therefore, you can be pretty safe in claiming that AFTAH made this classification themselves (or at least the person that completed the form did this).

The AFTAH is denying they did this, but this must be another one of their lies.  Besides, if you look up these codes (R26 for AFTAH),. the ‘R’ category is specifically for civil rights organizations.  ’26’ is for Gay and Lesbian civil rights organizations.  Someone at AFTAH lied about their classification–maybe to make themselves look like something other than a hate site???




Link to The Angry Activists

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6 Responses to The Angry Activists

  1. Daimeon says:

    It would appear that the person who wrote this site is also unaware that you don\’t need an account to search or view the information.

  2. Kevin says:

    I agree.  But I just changed my blog just in case. 

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