Non-Profits DO fill in their own NTEE codes

It was asked on a website for proof that Americans for Truth About Homosexuality made itself a civil rights group for gays and lesbians.  Well, here is rock-solid proof that non-profit organizations add their own NTEE codes–this is not something that the IRS does.

Go to  At the bottom, in the section called "More Info", click on eDoc–try the demo.  This will bring up a demonstration for how people fill out their non-profit reports.  Go to slide 12.  It is here where organizations ADD THEIR OWN NTEE CODES.  The directions clearly state that if you aren’t sure of which codes to enter, then then give a link to the NTEE code lists.  Clearly LaBarbera added the code of R26.  His name is on the form.  If he didn’t do it, then who did?

Therefore, the question that still has not been answered is why exactly does AFTAH list themselves as a gay and lesbian organization fighting for civil rights? 

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4 Responses to Non-Profits DO fill in their own NTEE codes

  1. elizabeth says:

    Hi Kevin ,Just a quick note to say I have had a good lurk through your blog finally after not been able to get in since about September :SMSN dont you just love them lol Hope you and Doug have recovered from that nasty sounding cold and well on the way to enjoying this New Year of ours.Will be able to pop in and try to annoy you sometime in the near future ,when things calm down here lolNew Year here seems very busy at the moment for me but hey  thats life  ;)Take Care Tink

  2. Kevin says:

    Hey Tink!  So glad to hear from you!  I occasionally check up on your blog and was getting a bit worried.  Glad to hear things are fine, but busy!  Yep, we are nearly over our colds.  Doug\’s sister came down with the same, so it was probably something we picked up over Christmas break. 
    Take care,

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