The Angry (young??) Activist?

As you can tell from yesterday’s blog, I’ve been questioning the age of the person who runs the Angry Activist site.  This person is trying to write as if he/she were young (mentioning that they don’t vote yet), but then saying things that make them sound older.  Here are some ‘adult’ statements that don’t sound like they come from a teenager:

they make mistakes that violate terms of use.

In this case the outrage

allowed him to blindly defy the terms of use clause

Besen solicits readers and buyers for his new book that bashes. Is there not anything he wouldn’t do for self promotion?

Thus the snarky comments below

is it not interesting how much these angry activists talk about themselves….brooder, self-servers and egoists.


I think it’s stupid that you refer to yourself as a doctor in matters where your doctorate have nothing to do with the complaint you are making or the profession you are a doctor in.

It’s foolishness and reeks of ego.


Even though this homosexual recanted his confession it’s still true that 23 men are dead. Is this not evidence that homosexuality leads to death?

I think you should talk to the 23 guys who are dead and get their opinion about whether or not homosexual lust leads to death

It’s evidence of the "love" that goes around in the community of "love".

The Paragon of Lesbian virtues.

regarding Madonna and Angelina Jolie the first thought I had was the poor children who look up to these pathetic women

 This person also looks at a large amount of gay news and seems to be up on what is happening in gay newspapers and gay activists faster than most of us.  For example, the day Wayne Besen put up his comment on his book, Captain had commented on it. 

Now I am not saying that someone under 18 couldn’t have said these things–it just sounds like this person (The Captain) isn’t all what he/she is telling. 

And then yesterday–the heading of the blog was changed.  It now reads:  "The Angry Activists:  People who are mad about everything."  And there is a very strange blog for Tuesday the 16th.  Consider the statements above and now see what The Captain is saying now:

Today was a cool day. I had time to play with some of my friends and I also met a nice lady at the store.

Money really is important I’m finding out.

I remember my parents always count every cent they have and even use alot of coupons.

The nice lady at the store had about a million coupons on her and she said that she saved alot of money.

My problem is that I don’t like coupons very much. But maybe I’ll start using them but it seems like so much work.

Can some of you guys that are commenting here give me some tips on shopping using coupons?

Where can I find the best place to buy new tennis shoes and also school supplies…art supplies to be more specific. I also like music and have been thinking about looking for coupons to buy maybe a cool electric guitar.  Any advice would be welcome.

Something smells fishy and for some reason I think back to last week when Americans for Truth about Homosexuality picked on a 16 year old for writing the truth about that organization.  Now all of a sudden a person under 18 is defending them, and also baiting other people to leave comments.   Why do I have this feeling that someone is going to pop out of a hat and make the same complaints against us that were made against AFTAH–adults are picking on a poor child, blah blah blah.  I think Joe Brummer is right–the Angry Activist blog is one that should be left alone.

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