A Little Reverse Psychology

It gets really tiring to keep reading about how awful gays and lesbians are, when that isn’t true in the least.  So I am going to do a parody of some of these anti-gay blogs and websites by doing just what they do.  I want to make it clear from the beginning how ridiculous and petty this looks–just as ridiculous and petty it looks when I read the same in other blogs about how awful gays and lesbians are (by the way, the story below is totally true and what happened is totally true and my reactions are totally true).  Here we go:

Here is something that those Christian fundamentalist activists don’t want you to hear about–the crime of abuse and murder that takes place within their own families. This is certainly another example of the sickness found in the heterosexual lifestyle.  They should not be allowed to have children or adopt children.  What is the story?  The Forder "family" is a good Christian household and they had even moved to Africa to do Christian missionary work.  Here is a picture of part of this "family":


If they look happy, you would be absolutely wrong. Why?  The mother (the woman in the center), the good Christian missionary, is now in jail.  Why?  Because she tortured her young, eight year old son to death.  The eight year old had a bad case of pneumonia and was heavily bruised before his death.  The Christian missionary father, Robert:

"told his seven children they had a choice: They could bury their brother in the backyard, or call 911 and risk having the state snatch all of the children away because of Christopher’s obvious bruising."

Later that night they did call 911, but it was too late.  That was in 2002.  The case remained open until one of their other sons, a 23 year old, was put in jail for "second-degree rape of an adult family member."  What a winning family we have here.  Soon after other family members began to speak.  So how did this mother treat her (adopted) child?


One child told detectives that Christopher was beaten an average of six times a day. It was alleged Kimberly Forder was the primary disciplinarian.

If he didn’t chew his food correctly, his mother would take away his food, sometimes for days at a time, documents allege.

The boy resorted to stealing scraps from a compost heap, and eating dog food.

If the boy soiled himself, he was forced to wear the dirty diaper, sometimes on his head.

If he didn’t wash his clothes correctly in a 5-gallon bucket, his parents were accused of dunking his head in the dirty water "until he stopped struggling," court documents said.

This is why Christians should not be allowed, ever, to adopt children.  Ever.  On their website they talk about "receiving blessings from God."


O.K., I’ve had enough of reading and writing about these disgusting people.  My point in all of this is if these were gay parents, the fundamentalists would be up in arms about how awful gay and lesbian parents are and they would use it to make sure that gays and lesbians could not adopt, let alone have their families recognized.  Have Christian fundamentalists talked about what happened in this god-fearing family?  Have they called for laws that would stop Christians from adopting children because of this?  No.  Now I could turn the table and say that all Christians should not be able to adopt, but look at how stupid that sounds–it makes it sound like I am lumping all Christian heterosexuals into one lump–much like now Christian fundamentalists lump all gays and lesbians with a few that commit real crimes. 

It is totally ridiculous, but you know what, this is what I read all the time in some of these blogs and websites.  Would I do this?  Absolutely not, because it is stupid.  I only wish that some of these websites that are so bound and determined to wipe out gays and lesbians would start using their brains instead of using their fists and fingers. 

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