Our Little Party

As hard as it is to believe, Doug and I are about to have our 15th anniversary!  How time flies when you are having fun!  But where does the time go?  I guess we have lived in Michigan, then Berkeley, then Sydney and now San Francisco.  In the meantime Doug has worked in New Zealand, The Philippines, and Malaysia when he worked at his other job. 

We met in January 1992 at a Coming Out group at the University of Michigan.  The group was fantastic, but I was hooked on Doug the second I saw him.  Even though it was the middle of January, he came into his first meeting with wet hair and said he had just played something called wollyball.  I thought it was something like water polo.  I guess it is a bit like volleyball.  Unfortunately I had just had jaw surgery the week before and was totally wired shut and couldn’t really speak clearly!  Doug recalls this as being a time of bliss for him…

Anyway, during our once-a-week meetings we would break up into small groups and for some reason, even though it was all randomized, Doug and I kept being thrown into the same group.  One week in early February he came up to me after a meeting and asked me if I knew where Ypsilanti was because there was a gay-themed movie being shown.  Mind you, he didn’t ask me to go along with him.  He just wanted directions (later he told me he wanted to ask, but was too shy!).  So the next week that gave me an excuse to talk to him and I asked him about the movie.  It turns out he didn’t go, and I asked if he wanted to have a coffee after the meeting.  We went to a place on State Street in Ann Arbor and we must have sat there for hours talking. 

When we were leaving, I told him that I was invited to a Valentine’s Day party in Detroit and I asked him if he wanted to go as well.  The rest, as they say, is history.  He really is perfect (and he will probably kill me if he knew I was writing about him like this!).  He is smart and at first I was a bit intimidated by him because he was getting his PhD in Math, in a subject where I can barely get through multiplications!  But after a few discussions, I realized that although he was very logical in his arguments, I was very emotional, so we got along just fine!  🙂

I can also blame him for my addiction to coffee, or should I say, mochas.  He was helping me study for those dreaded Graduate Record Exams, on the Math and Logic section.  He said he wanted me to try a drink he thought I would like and that it was chocolate and coffee.  My parents had always drank coffee, but it never seemed all that appealing to me.  However, when he brought me back a mocha, I was hooked.  Sometimes when we are going out for coffee at a cafe, I remind him that it is all his fault we are spending $6.00 for two cups of coffee!

Anyway, we usually try and go places when our anniversary comes around.  One year we went to Napa Valley for the weekend.  Another year, in Sydney, we rented a farmhouse out in the middle of nowhere (but close to the wine country).  Another year we went to Perth, and the far western side of Australia for two weeks.  For three days we stayed on an island called Rottnest.  It was absolutely beautiful and the island is surrounded by tropical  reefs, so you could go snorkeling anywhere you wanted:

Another year we were in New Zealand and went to Rotorura, a town known for its sulfur mud baths.  It was bad for clothes, but fun to do!


The landscape is pretty amazing and parts of it were used to film Lord of the Rings:

This year, instead of going away, we’ve decided to have a big party here at our place.  We aren’t going to do it on the 14th, since it is a week day, but thought we would have it on the 24th.  That way we can celebrate our anniversary and my birthday all at once!  So if you are going to be in S.F. at this time, let us know!

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2 Responses to Our Little Party

  1. Chanit says:

    HI i will o to study in australia
    hope to know you for be friend
    I am from Thailand

  2. Kevin says:

    Hey!  Unfortunately we don\’t live in Australia anymore, but if you want to go to university in Australia, Macquarie University is a good place to go.
    Good luck!

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