Why Am I So Darned Lucky?

I don’t know what angel is looking over my shoulder to make me so popular at the angryactivist site.  It is so sweet that "Junior" takes time out of his middle school to write about me in that blog.  He has a lot of misconceptions, but there is no need to pick on someone who is only twelve or so.  He probably younger because he claimed he went out and played with friends the other day, and I don’t know of a 12 year old who would say that.  He is probably 10 then?  I guess it doesn’t matter, as long as he doesn’t spend too much time on the internet and instead works on his real homework. 

I will say that I am so happy that someone like him is reading my blog religiously.  It certainly gives my already well-known superiority complex a big boost to know I am having such an effect on the youth of today.  And I love it when I see so many people each day reading it–so thanks for adding to my daily total!

But I do think Junior does have a bit of a reading problem though since he thinks I obsess about ex-gays.  He might want to take a bit of time out of his school work to read through my entire blog (or tell his Uncle Peter to do it) to see that I rarely touch the ex-gay issues.  But then again, I would rather little Junior do his homework and do really well in school, so maybe one day he too can do an easy Phd in history. 

I think Junior also has a problem with understanding basic words such as anger.  He really needs to have someone tell him that telling the truth about lies people tell has little to do with anger, and more to do with getting the truth out. 



Seriously though, Junior does bring up a point that I have often thought about after I received my PhD–when is a good time to use it?  I am really a humble sort of guy.  I used to be more quiet and reserved, but not so much now.  When I first got it, I wanted to use it, but never, ever did.  Sure, at my congratulations party everyone called me Dr. Kaatz, and I did send an email to my mom and sister with From Dr. Kaatz in the subject line.  The only time I have used it in terms of business is with United Airlines. It is my title after all, and I thought maybe, just maybe I would get a better seat.  No luck though–it turns out that having over 200,000 frequent flier miles speaks louder than titles!  Besides, once, after a plane had taken off a stewardess came up to me and asked me what kind of a doctor I was.  Although I have a St. John’s Senior First Aid certificate, this is not enough to deal with major health problems on a plane.  And it was too embarrassing when I had to tell her that I was not a medical doctor.  So that ended my use of my title on airlines!  So when do I use it?  When I apply for teaching positions and when I write to politicians and write to governmental agencies to complain about non-profits who are lying about their status, like Americans For Truth About Homosexuality.  So sue me–it is my title, after all, and I can use it everywhere where people are addressed as Mr. or Mrs.!  🙂 

And here is another little tidbit to Junior who thinks I have a bit of a superiority complex because I used my legal title when I turned in his uncle Pete–only a few of our friends know that we have Ph.D.’s (yes, my partner Doug has a Ph.D. in Mathematics).  It just isn’t a big deal for us.  If it does come up I tell people I got my PhD so that when the mail comes, I didn’t want to be referred to as Mrs. McCulloch!  As it happens, the only mail that has come close came to Dr. and Mrs. Kaatz!  Poor Doug.  So no superiority complex here.  If I had a superiority complex, I would tell Junior that I also have two Bachelor’s degrees (in Biology and in Religious Studies), a Master’s in Greek and Hebrew, and can and do work in seven different languages (Greek, Hebrew, Latin, Coptic, Syriac, French and German), have published seven journal articles in medical science journals and articles on religious history (including a book).   But I wouldn’t tell Junior that because he might think I really do have a superiority complex…:)  🙂

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