You just can’t pray it away…

There is an interesting article about and ex-ex-gay named Peterson Toscano.   This poor guy spent most of his adult life trying to pray-away his being gay.  He was a Republican and, as it happens with so many of these ex-gays, very anti gay.  He even got married to a woman, but that didn’t cure him. 

He then spent $1000/month in ex-gay therapy at Love in Action in Tennessee for nearly two years!  They made him do things like change the oil of his car and attend a football clinic!  Hmm.  We changed our own oil and went to football games (and Doug was really into football when I met him).  Why didn’t that make us straight?  Where did we go wrong…This is quite hilarious, except that it is all true.  Love In Action should have asked me if that makes one straight.  What a joke…

He finally had had enough.  He was born gay, pretended to be straight, tried ex-gay therapy (which was a joke for him and a way to suck money away from him) and now he is openly and happily gay.  He is now a traveling comedian doing a show called "Doin’ Time in the Homo No Mo Halfway House."

Peterson is a good example of some of these people that think if they pray hard enough they can talk themselves out of being gay.  He is also an example of someone who had to pretend to be straight.  He was also anti-gay, just to show his friends and family how "straight" he was.  Poor guy.  Luckily he saw the light before more damage was done to him. 

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