Not a Good Way to Start the Morning…

I went off to the gym this morning and was on the cross-trainer for about 15 minutes when the fire alarm went off.  As usual, no one stopped or even looked worried, including me.  Then I thought that if there was a real fire, I would rather be outside than inside.  As soon as I got my stuff out of the locker, the alarm went off.  Too late for me, so I just left.  You would think that the gym would use its loudspeaker to tell people it was a false alarm.  They are always stopping the music to get people to use their trainers…

Anyway, last night we had dinner at Harvey’s and took him to the airport around 9:00pm.  After the gym I decided to walk over to his place and grab the leftovers for lunch.  When I got there I could see that his door was not quite closed.  The door is notoriously hard to shut, but Harvey knows how to shut it and he was the one who closed it last night (after telling us again that it was hard to shut).  So I called the police just to be on the safe side.  There have been a number of break-ins in our neighborhood and I didn’t really feel like going into Harvey’s place and do a search of all the closets and so on.  A policeman came about 45 minutes later (I told them it wasn’t an emergency) and did a walkthrough, with a gun pulled.  No one was there and I went through his house with the policeman just to check.  There was nothing obviously out of order, and we had just had dinner there the night before. 

Anyway, I’m sure Harvey’s plane hasn’t landed in Taiwan just yet and then he has a couple of hours there before his flight to Manila.  I’ll call later just to let him know.  Doug and I debated whether we should call and possibly worry him, but we figured it would be safer to let him know now than to have him come back and find something missing.

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