Another ‘ex-gay’ who blames everyone but himself

I’ve thought long and hard about whether I want to discuss a person named James Hartline.  He is an ‘ex-gay’ living in San Diego.  He causes countless problems for the gay community and like other ‘ex-gays,’ he blames everyone and everything but himself for all the problems he has been in.  And boy, has he been in some problems.  I’ve thought long and hard about ignoring him because he genuinely seems menacing and dangerous.  But I went over to Americans for Truth about Homosexuality and see that Peter LaBarbera is using James Harline in one of his little diatribes about the ‘homosexual community.’  So I thought it was time I learned a bit more of this James Hartline.  I should say too that a blogger friend, Nelson, sent me an email about him today. 

So who is James Harline, the ‘Christian’ activist?  According to an article written in San Diego CityBeat, written in Oct. 2005, James Harline has spent most of his life behind bars, including Folsum Prison.  He was first arrested at the age of 13 for stealing.  By 14 he was a male prostitute.  He has since been arrested for burglary, drug use and the list goes on.  He has spent 20 years in prison and time in a mental hospital.

In 1997 he claims he got HIV, not from prison (he was released in Dec. 1997), but at a bathhouse.  He thinks he was ‘intentionally infected…’  According to his own words:

“As soon as I got out I started drugs…. I was using dirty needles and went unprotected in sex. It was if I wanted to get AIDS.”

Strange that he would say this and then be pissed off that he ended up getting AIDS.  Anyway, this was in 1997 when he believes he was infected.  But did that stop him from having sex or going to the bathhouses?  No.  In 2000, on New Year’s Eve he went back to a bathhouse and had sex.  I wonder if he revealed his HIV status to all those people he had sex with?  Maybe he should be locked up again for giving HIV to others. 

But now, James Hartline is a good Christian boy who works to destroy the gay community.  He blames everyone else for all his problems, including getting HIV.  For that, he blames the bathhouse itself.  Like most other ex-gays I read about, they blame everyone for their behavior, but never take responsibility for their own actions.  He never does.  And his blog today is an excellent example of this. 

He says of himself: ‘…is known throughout the United States as one of America’s most vocal Christian activists‘ but at the same time admits that only 8,000 people read his blog.  This seems a far cry from ‘being known throughout the U.S…’

Today he blames the bathhouse for his HIV infection.  He then goes into how much the county of San Diego is paying for his HIV medication, as if he were punishing the people of San Diego for his HIV.  He lists his medications and what it costs the citizens of San Diego:


Viracept – $728 per month

Celebrex – $204 per month
Zetia – $93 per month

Hydrocortisone – $12 per month
Viread – $610 per month

Ambien – $134 per month
Emtriva – $384 per month
Aldara – $239 per month

Nystatin – $39 per month
Oxandrolone – $1,112 per month

Androgel – $248 per month
Acyclovir – $44 per month

Pain Med – $186 per month
Mucomyst – $156 per month
*Average cost of medications (source Walgreens Pharmacy)
Total cost of Hartline’s medications:
Monthly: $4,189 / Yearly: $50,268


And he has the absolute gall to title his blog for today :  "The Great Rainbow Robbery:  Gay Activists Costing America Billions of Dollars in Medical Expenses to Pay for Unsafe Sex Practices."  What it should be titled is "I am sorry that my bad behavior is costing the good citizens of San Diego over $50,000 and here is a check reimbursing them…"

I have to say what really pissed me off is what Hartline had to say next:


Even more disturbing then Strumpf’s article, is a recent expose on "Bug Chasers" provided by Peter LaBarbera, President of Americans For Truth, on his website ( Bug Chasers are homosexual men who intentionally seek to get infected with the AIDS virus. In LaBarbera’s article, he quotes from Gregory A. Freeman’s 2003 Rolling Stones’ newspaper investigation on Bug Chasers, where Freeman describes Carlos, a Bug Chaser, stating…:

Why in the hell is this disturbing to James Harline, when this is clearly describing his own behavior!  Look at his own words form 2005: 

“As soon as I got out I started drugs…. I was using dirty needles and went unprotected in sex. It was if I wanted to get AIDS.” 

He did get AIDS, just like he wanted.  If that doesn’t describe bug-chasing, then I don’t know what is. 

He ends his ‘statement’ with:


I Am Making My Stand In 2007!
Have You Started Making Yours?

How can anyone take seriously the words of a person who spent over 20 years in prison and then contracted HIV because of his own choices and blames it on others?  He can’t know whether he got HIV in prison or in the bathhouse, although he blames the bathhouse.  I feel sorry for the guy.  He believes that God will cure him of AIDS, but that isn’t going to happen and he probably knows this.  This would explain his desire to destroy the gay community.   Unfortunately for people like James Hartline, he made horrible choices in his life, but now blames others for that.  He would be much happier if he would take total responsibility for what he did to himself instead of blaming everyone else. 

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