Yet more Republican hypocrisy is reporting today about a former state Republican senator from Tennessee, who worked on getting that state’s constitution changed to make marriage only between a man and a woman wants a job from Tennessee Equality Project!  What a whore (to put it in old fashioned terms!).   I say that because he put out a blanket letter to many other agencies saying he would be a good lobbyist.   

This is old news (new to me):  but what really pisses me off is this same senator, Jeff Miller, who worked so hard to get a marriage to be between a man and a woman, is now divorced.  Here is his picture.  Next time you see him ask him about the sanctity of his own marriage.  Or ask him how those nasty gays and lesbians ruined his marriage and drove him to cheat on his wife.

His wife, in 2005, filed for divorce, saying that he had "inappropriate marital conduct" with a legislative employee.  Meaning this fine, upstanding straight guy, fighter for marriage rights of straight people, was out cheating on his wife.   People like him make me sick and it is people like him we should be bringing up when the ‘sanctity of marriage’ crowd start their screaming about their god-given right to marry.

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