Gay and Lesbian homeless youth

For the first time since Doug and I have had cable, we finally watched the 10 o’clock news and one of the lead stories was about gay and lesbian homeless youth.   It was pretty sad to watch.  When I went to the channel’s website, it gave a list of pdf’s with information about gay and lesbian homeless youth: 


An epidemic of Homelessness by the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force


The Executive Summary of the Report on Homelessness Among Gay and Lesbian Youth


San Francisco Fact Sheet on Gay and Lesbian Youth Homelessness Report


While there are many reasons for youth running away, not surprisingly, in an interview with one gay youth, he said that he ran away from home because his family was religious and he felt like he was disowned.  What kind of religion would do this to kids?  Everyone needs to think about that.  And as I ask that question, I can hear some people say, ex-gay therapy is the answer.  Hah.  As I said the other day, you can’t pray this problem away…


In the coming days I will try to read through these documents and give my own comments.


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