Aquarium Stores

One of my good friends named Brian wants to get his first aquarium and has been spending a lot of time doing research and then going to the stores.  Today we went to a shop called the Aqua Forest Aquarium in San Francisco.  It is a really nice aquarium shop and the young guy that helped us was very knowledgeable.  I took a couple of shots of their aquariums:

They are known for their naturalistic tanks.  We had a fish tank back when we lived in Ann Arbor and I really liked it.  And when we house sat for the place near the beach in Sydney, there was a very large fish tank there.  We didn’t like taking care of that one too much, but I did love the plants.  I’ve decided if I am ever going to get another one, it will just be plants and maybe a few of those tiny lobsters.  No fish.  Here is the tank in Sydney we took care of (and that is Sandra and her son Sam):

I love to visit aquariums as well.  When we first arrived in Sydney bought a yearly pass:

We’ve also been to the aquarium in Melbourne and really liked that one:

Years ago we visited the aquarium in Monterrey, but I’m feeling like it is time for another visit…

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