What is going on in Michigan?

I see from Pam’s House Blend that 365Gay.com is reporting that the Michigan Court of Appeals is going to try and prevent public institutions from allowing gay and lesbian families to have benefits!

I am so mad right now that I almost decided not to write about this until later.  But what the hell.  I’ll still be mad later. 

I went to the University of Michigan and so did Doug.  We were there and actively fought to have gays and lesbians put on the protected list in the by-laws, along with race, religion, and so on.  We went to meetings where we had to deal with religious idiots who talked about Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.  We marched in Lansing while crowds of people jeered (some clapped to, but not very many).  We boycotted a meeting some fundamentalists were having and it was the first time that I thought Doug was going to be beaten up.  A fundamentalist pushed me out of the way and grabbed Doug by the shoulders and said something to him.  I almost went in berserk mode.  But we won–the by-laws were changed.

Now the people of Michigan have voted to ban same-sex marriage, which of course is not legal but in only one state.  That state has the 2nd highest unemployment rate in the country!  Crime is high–racial problems are high.  Michigan is starting to feel like a deep-southern state.  You would think that the people and the government would have better things to do.  Now gays and lesbians who work at public institutions will have no benefits for their partners. 

Luckily it will be taken to the Michigan Supreme Court.  So this isn’t over.  And I suggest to U. of Michigan to start thinking about dropping their status as a state university and go private.  It is time for this anyway.  They will make more money and won’t be dependent on a government that is run by idiots and the people who vote like idiots. 


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