An anti-gay ad in my Space

I couldn’t believe when I just logged into my Space.  At the top was a banner for Liberty University, the horrible ‘university’ that won’t allow gay and lesbian students!  Just recently it allowed blacks and whites to date***(see below–this is a mistake!***) and before that, Falwell was all for racial separation.  He is a disgusting creature and I hate, absolutely hate the fact that there is an ad for his ‘university’ on my space.  It would be like an ad for a racist organization on a site devoted to anti-racism. 


I just sent them a complaint:

I want to strongly complain about the ad that was put in my Spaces ( The ad was for Liberty University, an extremely homophobic "university" run by Jerry Falwell. This ‘university’ kicks out gay and lesbian students and just recently allowed black and white students to date! My space is devoted to gay and lesbian causes and I do not want my space used as an ad for Liberty University. There must be a way to figure out what ads are better matches for spaces.

I would think with all that technology, Microsoft could tailor its ads.  I also put in a complaint with my main Microsoft contact, Doug.  🙂 


***One of my netfriends just asked for a reference about Falwell and interracial dating.  I thought I was correct, but it was Bob Jones University that just allowed (in 2000) blacks and whites to date.  Next time I’ll check my facts before I send out an email or make a blog entry when I am mad!  I responded with this:


I just pulled it out of my memory (which isn’t fool-proof–maybe this was Bob Jones ‘University’?).  Falwell’s Liberty University was recently visited by SoulForce, a group that travels around to various universities that do not allow gay students (
Falwell, in the far past, said:
  • Jerry Falwell Previously Used Bible To Justify Segregation and Criticize Interracial Marriage, Then Apologized. In 1958, Falwell gave a sermon on segregation, stating that "The true Negro does not want integration… He realizes his potential is far better among his own race… It will destroy our race eventually… In one northern city, a pastor friend of mine tells me that a couple of opposite race live next door to his church as man and wife… It boils down to whether we are going to take God’s Word as final." He apologized for his comments in a 1988 interview. [Washington Post, 7/24/88]
    In that same year he said:
    Falwell Said That If Supreme Court Had "Known God’s Word", Brown v. Board of Education Would Have Been Decided Differently, Did Not Apologize. Referring to the Supreme Courts’ decision in Brown v. Board of Education, Christian televangelist and Liberty University founder Jerry Falwell once said [in a 1958 speech], "If Chief Justice [Earl] Warren and his associates had known God’s Word…, I am quite confident that the 1954 decision would never have been made." There is no record of an apology. [National Journal, 11/3/84]
    I have hope for Falwell–if he can change his racist views over a 30 year period, then he will probably change his views on gays and lesbians (but then again, he is getting up there in years and probably won’t have time to change his mind again).  However, it is possible that the change is already occurring (
    Regardless, I do not want to see an organization that is against gay and lesbian people on my blog.  Period.

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